A New Chapter: Glider Acquired by FPX!

We started Glider in early 2012 with the vision of helping companies both big and small solve complicated business problems through beautiful software, and I’m thrilled to announce that as of today our platform for realizing that vision just got significantly larger. In late 2013 we began talking to FPX, an industry leader in the […]

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Preparing For Massive Growth: Getting Scalable Processes In Place


Scalability has become one of the most common buzzwords surrounding product development and business growth. The question of the day is: “Does is scale?” But scalability is about more than the product; as an enterprise organization gains traction, and starts to increase hiring and sales, processes that previously worked fine are suddenly shown to lack […]

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Zapier Covers Glider’s Sales Process

In a recent case study, Zapier interviewed Glider’s own Michael Brondello about our Sales process. Michael explained how Glider uses Hubspot in conjunction with Zapier and RelateIQ to make the transition from MQL’s to our CRM quick and seamless. Until recently, this was our Sales process (as explained in the Zapier article), in a nutshell: […]

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Getting Started With Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence is the technologies, theories, and processes that transform raw data into meaningful information. Although this has been a field that technology innovators and businesses have been interested in for a while, it’s only recently that tools have emerged that can handle and process huge amounts of information (Big Data) . Business Intelligence (BI) […]

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Glider is the “Recommended Tool Of The Week” by Smart Selling Tools [video]

Best Sales Tool

We’re happy to share that Glider has been chosen as the “Recommended Tool Of The Week” by Smart Selling Tool as well being featured in their ToolSkool video series: “Sales Reps are spending too much time getting contracts person to person. Glider let’s you create simple workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and ensures that everyone has […]

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3 KPIs For Greater Sales Visibility With Glider [free white paper]


Gaining end-to-end visibility into the sales cycle is one of the top priorities of modern sales and finance teams. In a single dashboard, Glider provides 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable companies to prioritize their efforts for quarter-end, identify bottlenecks, and recognize revenue. In this free white paper, you’ll learn about 3 Key Performance Indicators […]

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5 Tips For Turning Strategy Into Reality


A Harvard Business Review study found that on average companies only accomplish 63% of the financial performance that their strategic plans forecasted. This number leaves a lot of room for improvement in the implementation of business strategies. When goals aren’t being fully met, company morale lowers around strategic planning– managers don’t expect to meet, much less […]

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Past vs. Future In Financial Forecasts


One of the perennial dilemmas for financial managers is to what extent they should base financial forecasts on numbers from five or more years back. To what extent does your organization depend on the economic business cycle? What do numbers from years back signify today? How much of a frame of reference can your company’s […]

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